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Mount Hood

Mt Hood from the south shore of Trillium Lake. Originally I just wanted to get a photo of the mountain reflected in the lake. The lenticular cloud on the mountain top happened to be there that day. The square patch of snow in the middle is the Palmer snowfield, which features year-round skiing. Trillium Lake is a small lake with a campground south of Mount Hood. It is an excellent place for cross country skiing in the winter.
[This image was digitally edited to remove an aircraft contrail]

Here are more Mt. Hood images taken from different spots around the East side at sunset.

The Oregon Coast

One of the nice things about Beaverton is that the Oregon coast is only 1 1/2 hours away. The Oregon coast rivals the famous California coast for scenic beauty and usually has less traffic. It is beautiful during good weather and has a great deal of character during the frequent rain and fog. There are numerous small state parks where one can enjoy the view and, in the right season, watch whales which pass close to shore during their migrations to and from arctic waters.

The photos below were taken in Ecola State Park all from pretty much the same place, which shows how different a place can look depending on the light.

Sunset near Cannon Beach, on the Northern Oregon Coast. Cannon Beach is also the name of the local town, it's named for a cannon which washed up on shore from a wreck.

Haystack Rock in the fog. Haystack rock is the pyramidal rock in the distance slightly right of the center of the photo.

Cannon Beach.

Sunset looking due West from the whale watching viewpoint at Ecola state park. While we were there we saw a number of spouts from whales but none of the whales themselves. The migrating whales often pass within five miles of the shore.

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