Taipei, 2002

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Chiang Kai Shek Memorial


CKS Memorial Hall


National Opera House, in the plaza in front of the memorial hall.



CKS Memorial Hall from the Garden.

Lungshan Temple

The temple was doing a roaring business, both tourists and worshippers, we were told it was the most popular temple in the city. The outside of the temple was undergoing repair, they had a big mural up in front showing what the front facade used to look like. I shot these inside the main hall at night.

103-0366.jpg 103-0367.jpg 103-0368.jpg 103-0369.jpg

Confucian Temple

103-0370.jpg 103-0371.jpg 103-0372.jpg 103-0373.jpg

Interior of the main hall, with tablet of Confucius


Paoan Temple

Or Bao An Temple. This is the oldest temple in the city.
103-0376.jpg 103-0378.jpg 103-0379.jpg 103-0380.jpg 103-0382.jpg 103-0383.jpg 103-0384.jpg 103-0387.jpg

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