1998 Inter-Tribal Ceremonial, Red Rock State Park, NM

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Karen and I visited the craft show and attended the Indian dancing at the 1998 Inter-Tribal ceremonial at Red Rock State Park near Gallup, New Mexico. The Ceremonial runs for a week and includes an all Indian Rodeo and a dance competition with different categories and age groups. There is an extensive art/craft competition for rugs, jewellery, pottery and ceramics, musical instruments and other traditional items as well as drawings, paintings and sculpture.

The photos below are of the evening dance performance. The opening ceremony for the dancing started at dusk and dancing continued into the night. The scene was lit by four fires and stadium lights. Dancing troupes from across the US and Mexico performed. The Indians perform traditional dance and some "fun" dances, generally they don't perform religious dances for the ceremonial.

The Opening ceremony, Navajo Nation Band plays for the entrance of the Ceremonial Queen, followed by the dance troupes. The ceremony continued with prayers and lighting of the fires.

The Olla Maiden singers from the Zuni Pueblo.

The Cheyenne Scalp Dance

Navajo Sash Belt Dance, Navajo Nation Dineta Dancers, Albuquerque

The Eagle Dance, Pueblo de Taos, NM

Commanche Horse Stealing Dance.

Warrior Dance, Second Mesa Hopi, AZ

Kiowa Two Step (really). Kiowa Dance Team from Oklahoma. One of the fun dances.

Deer Dance. Dance group from the Zuni Pueblo.

Danza Antiqua, Mexico City.

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